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About Kristy

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Kristy Wegert has been a heavy girl most of her life. When she turned 33, a physical exam revealed that she had high cholesterol and high triglycerides. This was a dangerous place to be at such a young age, and that scared her.

Change was imminent but how? She had tried so many diets, tried to exercise, but to no avail. There was obviously a simple thing missing…motivation. Her motivation finally came to her in fear. That fateful day at the doctors office changed her life. Tireless research armed Kristy with the knowledge she needed to lose weight and become healthy. She transformed herself…on her own.

It took her 2 years but she lost over 100 pounds and has maintained that weight loss since 2008 years now. She turned 40 in 2013, the same year that she celebrated her 5 year anniversary of keeping the weight off. Another change was coming.

2013 also heralded a change in career. Kristy decided to become a personal trainer so that she could be licensed and properly educated to help others learn how to help themselves. She started My Workout Buddy LLC, her concierge level, in-home personal training business. Now an online personal trainer.

The My Workout Buddy blog is a peek into the world of nutrition, fitness, healthy living, disease prevention, and the good life.

Please join in on the conversation and feel free to ask any questions.

Life is short, live well!



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