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A Tall Tale by a Proud Personal Trainer

Y'all, I have a great story about a client. No names of course. She's just turned 86 a few days ago. She started lifting with me at 77 years old. She was not in it for physique gains. She just wanted to improve her balance and not be so frail. We certainly have accomplished those goals.

Fast forward to last week. After playing cards with her old friends, some she has known since high school, she told me that none of her friends have done any sort of resistance training. She knew she was no longer frail. After the game was over and they all stood up to depart, she noticed that she was the only one that got up without using her hands. As they walked towards the door to depart, she realized that her lady friends one and all who were previously as tall, if not taller, were all 3 to 5 inches shorter than her. She said she was sure she shrunk a little bit but this much of a height difference seemed like more than just correlation. Could there be such a direct relationship to shrinking and lack of bare minimum resistance training?

It amazes me that in all this time, she only lifts once a week. She doesn't go heavy. Her highest weight dumbbells are 8 pounds. However, she is still getting the great benefits of the work. She's independent, fully functioning, and oddly...has enjoyed the benefit of height maintenance. Who knew?

I think it is pretty telling how much we all need this work. Even a minimum sustained effort of resistance training will just pile on the benefits and great outcomes in lengthening our healthspan. Plus we get to be tall. 😁👍


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