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Why Not Next Year?

Obviously I am diving right in with New Years resolutions and why not? 2014 is little more than a month away. We all have goals, dreams, or just a tiny spark in our minds that would eventually lead to greatness. What of it? Until it is acted upon, it is noting but a passing thought…not even fairy dust in the wind.

The idea behind the New Years resolution is that you can put off all that greatness you’re going to accomplish until next year. As if the holidays were some giant, conglomerate, evil corporation keeping you from being a good little boy or girl. Nothing could be further from the truth. From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, we have a unique opportunity to show everyone who loves us that we are living well. Not showing off, that’s a whole other animal. I am talking about giving your loved ones (and yourself) a fabulous gift…peace of mind.

How do we do that? Well that is easier than you may believe. For most of us, there is a recurring theme in our minds. A goal that, once accomplished, will give us a satisfaction that we crave. It can be as simple as taking walks everyday or as difficult as quitting smoking. Whatever it is, it is yours to define. To bring it to the foreground, I suggest creating something that makes it real. Write it, paint it, sculpt it with your clean sock laundry, or hire one of those airplanes that advertise over football stadiums. It hardly matters what you do just get it out of your head and put it in front of you. Now your dream is much more difficult to ignore.

Okay, it’s out of your head and roaming around the planet. Now what? Research and action of course.

Don’t act on your dearest wish just yet. Take that little dream of your’s for walk to the library or hit the internet. Ask as many questions as you can think of on the subject. Make sure you use multiple sources for the data you are collecting and take notes. There is plenty of disinformation out there, so to avoid confusion stick with the facts. It is too easy to be pulled in by some snake oil salesman, promising the quick fix or a cure for what ails you. Take it from me (because I have looked) there is no magic pill for anything you wish to accomplish. You are the magic!

I know this sounds like homework. It sort of is actually. You’re studying up for your life and for your dreams.

Now armed with the knowledge that you need in order to press on, let’s press on! It is time for action. Are you ready? Go look at your famous clean sock laundry sculpture and work up your courage. You are about to embark on the journey you have been planning for a long time. It has gone from an elusive spark, to a real live thing on your to do list.

Do not wait! Now is the time! New Year’s resolutions be damned! You have only today. You live in the present. Tomorrow is as elusive as yesterday. Creation, Research, and Action!

Remember…You Are The Magic That Makes It Happen!



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