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The Great Debate: Cardio vs. Weights

I read many articles about the choice between cardio and weightlifting. Many people want to know which one is best. I will be the annoyingly zen master/personal trainer by asking you some questions that will point you in the right direction.

1. How is your cardiovascular pulmonary health today? Resting heart rate, blood pressure, Vo2 max, and blood lipids?

2. Do you have a history of heart disease in your family? How about pulmonary disease?

3. Are you training for a race or a walk-a-thon?

4. Do you have a family history of ostioporosis?

5. How well do you sleep at night? How energetic are you in your daily life?

6. What types of movement do you enjoy?

7. How do you handle the stress of life?

8. Is time a factor?

There is not a magazine article that can give you the best answer for your body. You hold the key. Your response to the questions above should guide you to the real answers.

As a personal trainer, I have my own opinion about it. I truly feel like our bodies need it all. Cardiovascular, resistance training, balance, and stretching are all great for the body. They make us feel alive, strong, energetic, and well in our lives. They all can fit in and it doesn't mean hours in the gym either.

Moving our bodies can be a joyful experience. The real idea is to enjoy the movement you have chosen so you'll keep coming back.

What's your go to workout? Do you love a big cardio sweat fest or do you like a little hefting? Let me know in the comments below.

Be Well!


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