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Fueling Up & Post Workout Meals

I'm not going to lie. Weight training is hard work. It is so physically taxing that proper fueling is required. A proper fueling strategy is essential to gettting stronger. When you first begin to lift weights, you're going to make some fantastic beginner gains. As long as you are on point with your pre & post workout nutrition, you will enjoy those results. Don't get sucked into the idea of weight training in a fasted state. You need the carbs & protein to realize those gains. Bodies are made in the kitchen as they say. If you want to get stronger, YOU MUST EAT! 💥 Truth!

Well what should you eat? Great question. Low fat carbs and protein of course. Check out the yummy options below.


Egg whites


Chicken breast

Turkey breast



Protein powder









Sweet potatos

Baked potatos

Whole grains

Beans (side benefit of beans, there's some protein here too)

Hummus (I know it's beans but it's worth a mention)

Sprouted grain bread

About 1-2 hours prior to your workout, have a snack. When it's go time, you will need that energy available for use in your liver and muscles.

Pre Workout Snack Options...

  • A slice or two of Ezekiel bread toasted with a smear of nut butter and a sliced banana.

  • Fat free Greek yogurt with some blueberries mixed in.

  • An apple and a handful of almonds.

  • Baby carrots and hummus

Ok, now you have had your workout. You have 30 minutes to get your next snack in. This one is a little heavier on the protein and here you want to make sure you are getting some antioxidants too to fight the free radicals that have been awakened during your badass workout. Well what are we having?

Post Workout Meal Options...

  • Roasted tofu and broccoli

  • Skinless turkey or chicken breast with a baked sweet potato

  • Protein shake with frozen strawberries and plant based or standard milk

  • Egg white omelette with peppers and onions

There are a literally hundreds of food combinations you could come up with to keep it fresh and interesting. Make sure you are using as many plants as possible. They are the key to the fiber and antioxidants your body needs for healing after your session.

Remember, you will be able to push harder and lift more with proper fueling. Don't skip it or you're going to leave your hard work on that gym floor.

Eat up!



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