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Eat Fruit for Goodness Sake

I understand the need to watch sugar in our diets. It seems to be in everything we consume from nuts to beverages (soup to nuts…HA!). It does our bodies no favors in excess. However, this “Sugar-Buster” ideal is a bit much. For instance, who told everyone to stop eating fruit?

We all know that there is sugar in fruit in the form of fructose. What is not obvious are the benefits that come with that sugary price tag. Yes, there may be enough sugar in one ripe banana to rival a can of Coke but sodas don’t have fiber and potassium. Fruit is just more bioavailable than the packaged, processed garbage that passes for food these days. For every gram of sugar in a piece of fruit, we could probably brainstorm reasons that you should eat the poor, offending item.

We miss out on so much when we completely eliminate a food group. Being an omnivore is usually best for variety’s sake. Mix it up people! Perhaps the best bet is to eat fruit before and after our sweat sessions when the sugars will be utilized.

Sweet fruit session = Sweet sweat session!

Go crunch an apple!



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