My name is Kristy Wegert. This is my own personal before and after photo. After a scare from my doctor, I decided to change my lifestyle. This success created a passion in me to help others achieve their health goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, jog a 5K, or just feel better about yourself, we'll work together on a customized plan - made just for you! - to meet your goal.

Success Stories

Kristy is amazing. I was originally attracted to her because of her involvement in the eating
disorder community. In recovery, it can be tough to exercise in a healthy way so I was excited to
find someone that could help me develop a healthy relationship with exercise. My husband and
I saw her together, and we liked how she was always changing things up. We never did the
same workout twice. My husband has several injuries from high school and Kristy is very careful
about making sure he didn’t hurt himself. She paid attention to detail and always made sure
our form was correct. She was also really supportive and encouraged us to listen to our bodies.
Because the gym is in her home, it felt much less intimidating than going to a regular gym...We love Kristy and highly recommend her!



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Believe in your strength.

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My Workout Buddy is located in East Cobb, Marietta, GA

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